Hi! I’m Kristy.

I’m here to help you get healthy plant-based food on the table.

Too many times, we are caught in the trap that cooking healthy meals means you are a slave in the kitchen.

Simple Food Bliss will convince you that food is meant to be made simple.

What Kinds of Recipes Will You Find Here

You will find healthy recipes that are plant based meals (without spending hours in the kitchen).

All of our recipes are made with a busy life and the desire to serve the best ingredients to our families and stay on budget.

That means all of our recipes meet one of these qualifications:

– 10 Ingredients or Less
– 30 Minutes or Less to Prepare
– One Dish to Clean
– Affordable

We are dedicated to introducing you to healthy plant based recipes of the food you love.

Many of our recipes cover the following diets:

  • Plant Based
  • Clean Eating
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Dash Diet
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Also, we include simple modifications to easily adjust to your preferred diet or lifestyle choice.

Most of our recipes are soy-free and gluten-free as well.

Simple food recipes with everyday ingredients that will become go-to meals in no time!

A Little Back Story on Me

I love eating good food.

There is no getting around a delicious meal that feeds the soul and the belly.

However, I struggled with finding quality foods to feed my body. We tried various diets over the years, but there were bits and pieces that we didn’t agree with. (And that word diet is constricting!)

Cooking from scratch is the best way to consume our meals. But, let’s be real, as a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur… cooking from scratch seemed impossible.

Most plant based recipes include too many steps and more ingredients than necessary.

That is when I decided to stop listening to what diet to follow and allowed plant based eating to become our lifestyle.

Why We Chose a Plant Based Lifestyle?

It came down to health reasons.

As someone who struggles with autoimmune disorders, I was bound and determined to get them under control. But, when BOTH of my children were getting markers for autoimmune disorders, I knew we had to make this a lifestyle choice.

There is no diet. It is simple food.

We prefer to have flexbility in our food choices. Yet, make them wise healthy food choices.

While Simple Food Bliss primarily focuses on plant based recipes, as a family, we follow the flexitarian diet. Simply put… we eat a plant-based diet with an occasional meat or fish item.

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